How to Survive 10 Worst Case Scenarios While Traveling

Knowing how to survive the worst-case scenarios that can happen while traveling can help you, well, survive. Having this knowledge before you travel, especially internationally, will help you avoid inconvenient and/or dangerous situations, or at least give you tips on how to handle them.

  1. Your Car Breaks Down In The Middle Of Nowhere This is probably the most common worst-case scenario. You can avoid it by always checking your car and phone before you leave. If, despite all precautions you do end up stuck somewhere, check your map, take stock, and weigh how far it is to the next town to how long it might take someone to drive by. If it’s at night, be smart, spend the night in your car if the nearest town isn’t in sight.  At least then there’s a lock between you and whatever might try to eat you.
  2. You End Up In A Creepy Hotel With A Manager Who’s Name Is Norman Bates Who hasn’t seen this movie? A rare worst-case scenario, but one that must be taken under consideration. If you stop at a hotel and get even the tiniest bad vibe, leave. Do not stay somewhere you don’t feel safe, go to another hotel or figure something else out. Pack warm clothing if you think you might end up spending the night in your car.
  3. You Run Out Of Money No matter how well you plan, sometimes it just happens. Surviving travel with no money is a very stressful situation, so try to avoid this scenario by saving more money than you think you need to save for your trip. Make sure you find out ahead of time if there is a local bank or business where you can have funds sent through, and that there is someone back home to send it. Try bringing a back up credit card just for emergencies.
  4. You Lose Your Passport Be very careful with your passport when traveling. It is your only ticket in and out of the States when you are traveling internationally. Losing it is definitely one of the worst worst-case scenarios. There’s not much you can do but try and find it. Hopefully you will find it hidden in your suitcase, otherwise go to the nearest US Embassy and ask for their help right away.
  5. You Are Injured Or Get Sick Go to the hospital. This is probably one of the most dangerous worst-case scenarios, especially if you are traveling in a third world country. There are many illnesses that we are not aware of, many of which are fatal. Make sure you explain your situation to the hospital and contact your family back home to let them know what is happening. Make sure you are up to date with all relevant vaccinations before you travel.
  6. You Lose Your Traveling Companion If you are traveling with others make sure you establish safe points or agree on times to meet up if you get separated. This is the kind of worst-case scenario that can be prevented by planning ahead. If your companion doesn’t show up or contact you go to the local police immediately. Don’t take any chances.
  7. You Get Arrested This is a rather rare worst-case scenario unless you’re a college student whose main goal in life is to get drunk. In which case, we’d suggest avoiding Mexico; the police there aren’t known to be very understanding. Otherwise, just explain your situation, present your paperwork, and contact the nearest US Embassy.
  8. You Get Lost Not hard when you are visiting a foreign country and all the signs are in another language. Unless you are fluent, you probably wont be able to familiarize yourself with the language before your trip. This situation is easy to survive if you familiarize yourself with a few conversational phrases in the language of the foreign country you are in. Make sure you know how to ask important questions like "Do you speak English?" or "How do I get to this hotel?" Have current and easy to read maps handy and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  9. Your Flight Gets Delayed If your flight arriving at your first destination is delayed by more than a traveling day, you may have wasted money on a hotel room that you won't get the chance to stay in. Most hotels require a 24 or 48-hour advanced cancelation and won’t give a refund without it. This is one scenario where you will just have to eat those dollars and brush off the anxiety that comes with knowing you've wasted money.
  10. You Get Home But Your Luggage Doesn’t Common, but not really end of the world worst-case scenario. Report it immediately to airport management and you might see it in a few weeks. The trick is to not be jealous of your luggage when it goes to Fiji and you’re heading back to work.


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