How To Survive A Bad Blind Date

Figuring out how to survive a bad blind date can be tricky. On any blind date, but especially on a bad blind date, you should protect yourself, be honest and have the right attitude to help you get through the evening.

  1. Remember it is only for a few hours. Not every date has to be an interview for a relationship. Even if he is not your type, annoying, or weird it is only one evening and you are in control of what happens during the date. Even on a bad You may make a new friend or just enjoy an interesting conversation.
  2. Drink in moderation. To make good decisions and stay in control limit the amount of alcohol that you drink during the date.
  3. Protect yourself. Before the date be sure that you have told someone where you will be and who the person is that you are meeting. Also don’t reveal too many personal details especially on a bad blind date.
  4. Pay your share. Especially if you know during the date that this is not someone that you would want to see again then be prepared to pay your part of the bill. It may help you to make a graceful exit and is shows your intentions more honestly.
  5. Don’t trick your date with a fake phone call. If you decide to leave early then be honest. Say you are pleased to meet the person but you need to get home. There’s no need to make excuses or give a lengthy explanation. Leave immediately from a bad blind date if you feel you are in any danger.
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