How To Survive A Bear Attack

Knowing how to survive a bear attack is a key element for avid campers and hikers. There are no surefire ways for surviving a bear attack, but there are a few tips agreed upon by authorities to give you the best chance possible for walking away from an encounter. Always check with forest or park rangers in the area you are camping or hiking in concerning bears. Avoid hiking or camping in areas with high reported incidents of bear encounters. Also, certain times of the year, including early spring and late fall, are more likely to be times for attacks.

  1. Keep your distance. One of the easy keys for surviving a bear attack is to keep as far away as possible. When a bear is spotted in a distance, go the opposite direction without making noise. Do not stare or stand still if you are more than 50 feet away. Simply turn and walk away quickly, but calmly.
  2. Carry bear spray. A type of mace, bear spray acts as an assistant for surviving bear attacks. Available at most sporting goods stores, the spray is used for close encounters with bears and will temporarily blind the bear, giving you precious minutes to get away. Avoid spraying into the wind. The spray can come back into your face, blinding you instead of the bear. This can lead to disaster. Use this product carefully.
  3. Stand your ground. If you happen upon a bear close up, or one charges in your direction, stand your ground. Stay as calm as possible and do not turn and run. The bear will follow and attack. Spread out your arms and slowly walk backwards away from the bear until you are a safe distance away from the bear. Typically, the bear will lose interest with this non-aggressive action.



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