How To Survive Marriage Without Love

Learning how to survive marriage without love is not easy, but it can be done. Many people that are in loveless marriages feel like they are alone. Loveless marriages are not as uncommon as most people think.  There are a surprising number of people in loveless marriages. No matter your reasons are for staying in a marriage without love, there are some things that you can do to survive it.

  1. Set ground rules about sex. Wether you and your wife are having sex or not, if you are going to survive marriage without love, you are going to have to agree what is appropriate when it comes to sex. This means you need to talk about if you want to have sex with each other or not. It also means that you need to talk about wether each of you is comfortable with the other one having sex with other people.
  2. Find things in that you have in common. Even having a few small things in common can keep couples who are in marriages without love together. Having things in common means, you will have something to do or talk about together. These can be things as simple as exercising or playing video games together.
  3. Go to counseling. One of the best ways to survive marriage without love is to go to counseling. You can either go to counseling as a couple, or you can go to counseling by yourself. Don't understate the value of going to counseling by yourself, because a counselor might be able to give you an unbiased perspective on your marriage without love.
  4. Spend time with your friends. Spending time with your friends is a great way for you to get with love when you don't have any love in your marriage. If some of your friends are also in loveless marriage, you can get advice from them on how to survive a marriage without love. Listing to their marriage problems will help take your mind off of your own marriage problems.
  5. Have a meaningful hobby. Having a meaningful hobby will give you something to concentrate on besides your marriage. If you can find a hobby that you are passionate about, it will be easier for you to survive a marriage without love. If you don't have a meaningful hobby, think about some things that you have always wanted to try, and start doing them.
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