How To Survive A Marriage

When looking for information about how to survive a marriage, you typically don’t need to look any further than your partner. Every marriage is different, and what you do to survive might be different from what another couple does. However, there are some basic techniques that can make surviving a marriage a bit easier for you and your partner.

  1. Respect each others differences. No two people are alike, and what is different about your partner may be what you found attractive in the first place. However, marriage tends to make some people want to change their partner or themselves. This behavior can be destructive. To survive a marriage, you need to be respectful and accept your spouse the way they are—as long as it does not cause a physical or emotional harm.
  2. Continuously work on your relationship. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you no longer need to actively work on improving your relationship. In fact, you may have to work even harder now that you’re married. Working on your relationship means showing appreciation, learning how to effectively communicate and showing your partner love and affection each and every day.
  3. Have fun together. To survive a marriage, it has to be about more than just work. You need to enjoy each other. Take up a new hobby together. Go on vacation or just the spend the evening watching your favorite TV shows or movies.
  4. Show intimacy. Intimacy does not necessarily mean sex. It can be as simple as holding hands or cuddling on the couch. Make a conscious effort to touch, kiss, hug or snuggle with your partner every day to increase the intimacy in your relationship and grow closer to each other.
  5. Be supportive. You’re individuals that choose to stay in a loving, long-term relationship. To survive your marriage, don’t resent your partner’s individuality, even if it does not include you. Instead, try to be supportive of your partner’s interests, concerns, needs and desires.
  6. Earn trust by always being honest in your marriage. Don’t intentionally keep secrets from your partner. This will cause unnecessary tension, resentment and conflict.
  7. Get help from a marriage counselor. Seeing  a counselor can provide your marriage with a safe, mutually beneficial environment in which to discuss your differences. The counselor can help you reach compromises, realize the issues you need to work on and communicate more effectively with your partner.

Some aspects of surviving a marriage might be trickier than they seem. For example, you might want to be honest, but you also know your partner is very jealous and won’t like hearing about your past relationships. In this case, you need to know your partner. If talking about past lovers isn’t important to you and won’t help your relationship, it’s not being dishonest to keep your partner a little in the dark concerning your past—unless of course, you’re asked directly.

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