How to Survive a Music Festival

With all different kind of elements you have to combat, how do you survive a music festival? Between raging teenagers, unpredictable weather, expensive food and over priced bottled water, surviving a music festival can leave you in sticky situations that you should always be ready for. This isn't just about music, to survive a big festival you have to be on your toes. Here is how to survive a music festival:

  1. Plan Ahead! Never go into something without knowing what you're getting into. The key to a successful music festival is to make sure you have every aspect that could go wrong covered. This means you plan for the weather conditions, how much money you need to bring for food and merchandise, sunscreen, clothing, travel accommodations and, of course, your tickets. 
  2. First things first, make sure you buy your tickets well in advanced. Sign up for the early bird fan ticket warnings or just make sure you buy your tickets when they first get released. Not only will you be avoiding stress about whether or not you have tickets, but you can plan how you're going to get there way ahead of time instead of lastminute. Some music festivals can book up fast, which means hotels and other forms of hospitality may also be booked. So if you are planning a cross country festival, then you need to plan where you're staying as well in advance. When you figure all this out, keep the tickets and travel information somewhere that you can't forget, other wise it would just be silly if you lost all that for nothing. 
  3. Weather is one of the biggest key factors in trying to survive a concert. It can affect every other aspect that you deal with along the way. It's a pretty basic aspect to get overlooked, but also an aspect that everyone should be aware of. Hot or rainy, it will generally never be the perfect type of weather you could ask for, but you just have to hope for the best. So plan accordingly with what mother nature has in store. Just remember when it is overcast you are more likely to get sunburnt because UV rays shine through stronger in cloudier conditions. So always sunblock it up. 
  4. Clothing and comfort is another big step in surviving a big music festival. When it's hot you need to tone down. If you are into moshing or getting deep into crowds you still might need to wear jeans, but make sure they can breath. T-shirts are a must, but you don't want them to be dark colored if it is sunny. Dressing light and bright is the key. When it is rainy, most of these music festivals will be in the summer so you won't really have to worry about long sleeves or anything, your clothes will most likely dry up pretty fast. Bringing extra clothes after the concert may also be an option so you aren't sweaty afterwards if you do decide to be proactive and get into the crowd. 
  5. When going into the festival, pack light as well. There really is no need to bring that much with you. Your ticket, cash, identification, possibly your camera, your phone and a sharpie is all you basically need. You can buy extra clothes there, you don't need to carry a wallet with you incase it gets stolen or falls out of your pockets if you crowd surf. Always bring enough cash for emergencies, generally sometimes concerts have drinking fountains, but not always, so you need to buy water to keep your energy up. 

These are just some general rules that may be elementary, but just a good reminder. Make a check list in case you might forget something. These survival tips can help you in sticky situations and help you enjoy the concert more so you don't have to worry so much. Have fun!

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