How To Survive Without Television

In a nation raised on TV, you may wonder how to survive without television—for some that is like surviving without water or food. Television is so integrated across the globe, the idea of not watching television is frightening to some.

Before the first televisions started to appear across the landscape in the '60s, only those with a hefty income could afford these behemoths of invention. They were large, heavy, and in black and white. And of course the selection of things to watch was very limited, a few shows and the news. Now we have a million channels all brought to us in perfect high definition. But we can survive without television, no matter how amazing it is.

  1. One way to wean yourself off of television is to replace it with something. Exercising doesn't quite work because after an hour or two you're tired and want to relax. The only real way to ignore the awesome allure of television is to read books. Reading novels, classics and other stories not only repels the television beast, but you will find yourself growing more intelligent with every book you finish, something years of television can't do for you. Other ways to survive television are out there as well, like model building, or other hobbies.
  2. When trying to survive without television, you have to realize that this is an addiction, or possibly a very bad habit. All the great people throughout history invented amazing things, or cured diseases and helped mankind, did so by educating themselves, and although television has many informational shows, reading is a much more powerful way to learn and comprehend information.
  3. If you want to survive without television, or are forced to due to some unforeseen wacky circumstance (such as being stuck in a cave that doesn't have a power outlet) you should turn your mind to any creative outlet. And remind yourself that your not missing much.
  4. Another way to survive without television is to throw out your television.  This is a simple way to remove the problem from the equation.  You will also find that if you leave your television outside, it most likely will mysteriously vanish. 
  5. Lastly you can watch Fox News. Sitting through that just once will traumatize you enough to never want to watch television again. This is an extreme method though and can also make you never want to open your eyes again, but it is effective.

There are a few simple easy ways you can survive without television, just keep in mind it's a glowing box that talks—what is so amusing about that?

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