How To Sweep Drop

Almost anyone interested in break dancing wonders how to sweep drop. The sweep drop is a common break dancing technique that allows the dancer to move from the "uprock" to the "downrock" position in a smooth and stylish manner. As with all break dancing techniques, it is important to learn how to sweep drop properly so that you do not risk harming or embarrassing yourself on the dance floor.  The following guide will teach you how to sweep drop safely and smoothly.

To sweep drop, you will need:

  • A soft and hard floor for practicing
  • Comfortable clothes
  1. The first step of the sweep drop is to let yourself drop onto your left leg.  Your right leg should simultaneously move straight outwards from your body.
  2. Keep your leg straight and rigid while you swing it around your body in a wide semi-circle.
  3. Keep your weight on your left leg and swing your right leg backwards while moving it around your body.
  4. The next step of the sweep drop is swinging your right leg to the front of your body while bending your left leg to lower yourself closer to the floor.
  5. Transition your weight to your hands so that your legs are free and you can continue dancing in the "downrock" position after your completed sweep drop.
  6. Practice the sweet drop until you can perform it easily and without mistakes. You may want to ask someone who knows how to do the sweep drop to help you practice.
  7. Finally, take your new sweep drop skills to the dance floor and impress your friends and the other dancers!
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