How To Swerve A Soccer Ball

Learning how to swerve or bend a soccer ball is a great feat to master. Bending a soccer ball is a badass move that is a goal scoring technique. Learning how to bend a soccer ball takes and understanding of the workings of the physics involved in kicking a soccer ball and plenty of practice. Learning how to bend a soccer ball takes patience and skill. Bending a soccer ball is one of the components of the best players in the world. Bending a soccer ball can be accomplished and showcased at any level. The procedure below will walk you through the steps to bend a soccer ball; the rest is up to you.

What you will need to bend it:

  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • Open space
  • Friend
  1. Start with the soccer ball on the ground. Approach the soccer ball as you would for any kick. The plant foot should come even with the soccer ball. As the kicking foot moves towards the ball, ensure the toe of the cleat is pointed down.
  2. Lock your ankle and kick the soccer ball. The kick should be on the outside of the ball, closest to you. Follow through with the kick and the ball will move out in the direction of the foot used. In other words, if you kick with your right foot the bend will go to the right.
  3. Practice this move repeatedly, using a friend or a goal to keep your soccer balls in close proximity. You can practice back and forth with a friend of you like.
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