How To Swim Correctly

To get the most benefit out of your swimming routine, you need to learn how to swim correctly. Swimming correctly involves using the proper body position, moving your arms and legs with good form and timing your breathing properly. No matter what stroke you prefer, you should learn how to swim properly to improve your speed and endurance.

  1. Learn how to position your body in the water to swim correctly. Most strokes, from the breaststroke to the crawl require you to be flat on your stomach in the water. Your head should align with your spine, which means it will be in the water. Your hips will be flat in the water as well. Keep your shoulders level.
  2. Control your kicks to swim correctly. When you kick, you shouldn't splash and your feet should barely come out of the water, if at all. For the crawl, straighten your legs and lift one leg up through the water, then switch. Bend your knees slightly. For the breaststroke, pretend you have frog's legs and bend the knees to bring them towards your body, then straighten to push them away and propel yourself forward.
  3. Practice your kicks by holding onto the side of the pool. Try to splash as little as possible.
  4. Add arm movements. Straighten your arms out in front of you for the crawl and push into the water for the crawl. Push your arms in front and separate the water before you to swim the breaststroke. Try to stretch your arms as far in front of you as possible, to increase your stroke length. When learning the arm movements, think long strokes, not quick strokes to get the best technique.
  5. Learn to breathe to swim correctly. Lift your head out of the water to breathe when you need to. Try to turn or lift your entire body, not just your head, to give you the best form and to keep your speed up.
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