How To Swim Properly

Learning how to swim properly can help you get a better workout when you swim, help you avoid injury, and just make swimming a more pleasurable exercise overall. Looking to improve your stroke?

  1. Keep your head in line with your torso. When doing strokes like the crawl, many swimmers bring their head too far out of the water. To swim properly, you should keep your body in a straight line to avoid excess strain on your back, shoulders or neck.
  2. Don't hunch your shoulders when doing strokes like the breaststroke. When you do, you cause cramping and you make it hard to breathe properly. Try to swim properly when you do this stroke to get a better cardiovascular workout. It will pay off!
  3. Don't pull your head too far out of the water when you do the breaststroke. Pulling your head up too high can lead to neck injuries. This stroke is a great workout when you swim properly, so, take the time to make sure that your form is good.
  4. Ensure that you are not holding your hips too stiffly when doing the backstroke. Not allowing your hips to rotate means that your shoulders are not as free to move. Swim properly, and each stroke will be stronger, moving your more efficiently through the water.
  5. Make sure that your kick is wide enough when doing the breaststroke. If your leg movements are too narrow, you can cause a repetitive stress injury to your knees. When you swim properly, you can avoid injury and get a better workout.
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