How To Swim Underwater

Learning how to swim underwater can be a lot of fun. In addition, it is quite meditative, giving you a sensation of flying. Of course, as with all water activities, underwater swimming does not come naturally for everyone. It is something that has to be learned, but with a little bit of practice, you can quickly and easily learn how to swim underwater. 

  1. Let your body become adjusted to the water. No water activity is easy if you are cold and uncomfortable; this is especially true when you are attempting to swim underwater. So, do not just dive right in. Get into the water and let your body warm up gradually.
  2. Take a deep breath. Do a few deep breathing exercises, this will help your lungs expand, allowing you to take in more air. A large lung capacity is crucial when you are trying to swim under water. Then, once you feel calm and relaxed, take one large inhale and hold it.
  3. Dive under the water. As you inhale deeply, begin to dive under the water. You will want to submerge yourself a few feet below the water. Because you will have the side to use as leverage, this will work best if you are trying to swim under water in a pool, not a pond or lake.
  4. Do the breaststroke. Once you submerge yourself under the water, you will want to begin the breaststroke. This is a frog like movement, where you pull your legs into your chest and then kick them out again. While you are doing this, you should simultaneously be stretching your arms out straight in front of you, and then pull back towards your sides, like you are pulling yourself through the water. Congratulations, you are swimming under water.
  5. Go slow. When you swim underwater, the key is slow movements. The less you move the less oxygen you will use, letting you stay under the water longer. So, do one long stroke, and let yourself glide forward. As you begin to slow down, before you completely lose momentum, do another stroke. With long slow strokes, you will be able to swim far and fast under water.
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