How To Swing A Baseball Bat Properly

Learning how to swing a baseball bat properly is a fundamental part of the game. An improper baseball swing not only will make you suck, it can also cause embarrassing injuries. Proper technique when swinging a baseball bat is paramount to being an actual baseball player. This article will walk you around the bases of a proper baseball swing. There are many schools of thought here, but honestly, proper swinging is universal. Take a peek at the process outlined below and learn for yourself the proper technique for swinging a baseball bat.

Baseball is a fun game to play; some may argue to watch, too. Playing gets you out on the field, in the game and working your long tired muscles. Nothing can be more frustrating than having troubles with some of the fundamentals. Take a read and then, perhaps, head to the batting cages. 

What you will need:

  • Baseball bat
  • Baseballs (or batting cage)
  • Batting T
  • Friend (or batting cage)

How to swing a baseball bat properly:

  1. The main concept behind swinging a baseball bat properly is timing and mechanics. Bat speed is very important, but it is much different than trying to swing the bat hard. Maintaining an eye on the ball is as important as a level swing.
  2. A proper swing of a baseball bat should follow the natural flow of your arms. The swing should be fluid and level. To practice this using a baseball T is the best tool. Set the ‘T’ up at different heights and practice taking swings at slow, fluid levels. Keep your shoulders square, lead leg moved forward and head down looking at the ball. Your hips should roll into the swing.
  3. Practice this over and over and at different heights. Remember to always keep your eyes on the ball and allow your body to work the mechanics naturally. From here, move to batting cages or a friend tossing balls at you. Again, eyes on the ball from the time it leaves the pitcher’s hand until the bat makes contact.
  4. Working this routine and remembering to keep your swing level will work wonders. Keep practicing and working through this process, and your batting will improve.
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