How To Swing A Baseball Bat

If baseball is your passion you will want to know how to swing a baseball bat properly. With pitchers pitching different type off balls, hitting a baseball bat can
be difficult. Learning how to hit a baseball can be done with lots of practice and with learning the right techniques. Even professional baseball players had to learn and master how to swing a baseball bat. Your game can improve drastically when you learn how to swing a baseball bat properly.
  1. Position yourself in the box. Walk up to the batter's box. Stand to the left or to the right of the home plate, depending on which hand you bat with. Spread your feet so that they are shoulder width apart, with your front food being parallel to the bottom of the home plate. Make sure that you are standing sideways at the plate. Bend your knees while leaning back slightly. This will get you in the correct position to swing a baseball bat.
  2. Get your bat into position. Grip the bat with your right-handed on top if you are right handed, and vise versa if you are left-handed. You want your hands to touch each other. You will know that you are holding the baseball correctly if your knuckles line up. Hold the bat out and above your shoulders. Make sure not to rest the bat on your shoulders. Position your elbow parallel to the ground.
  3. Prepare to swing your baseball bat. Twist your hips slightly as the pitcher begins to release the ball. Take a small step forward towards the ball to give you more power as you swing the baseball bat. Allow your back food to lift up during follow through. As you begin to swing extend your arms fully and swing with all of the power that you have. Keep your eye on that ball at all times to make proper contact with the ball.
  4. Follow through with your swing. Once you make contact with the ball continue to swing the bat all the way around to follow through with your swing. This will allow the baseball to travel even further. Drop the bat once you follow through your swing and run as fast as you can to first base.


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