How To Swing A Bat

Learning how to swing a bat will allow you to be able to hit in baseball or softball.  With good mechanics and hand-eye coordination, you will be able to develop your swinging ability in baseball, allowing you to play with friends or in a league.  Take the following steps into account to learn how to swing a bat.

  1. Get your feet into position.  Your feet need to be parallel to each other, roughly a shoulder-width apart.  Bend your knees a little bit.  The key to this is finding a stance that is comfortable.  For instance, some prefer an open stance where the lead foot is away from the plate (or "behind" you).
  2. Get your arms into position.  Grip the bat towards the bottom with both of your hands next to each other.  Your arms need to be behind you, slightly above your chin.  This is again a matter of preference of how high to hold the bat.  Some batters even prefer to move the bat before the pitch.  Find what is most comfortable to you.
  3. Step into the swing.  Before going over the actual swing, it is important that you step into it.  Just before the ball reaches you, take a small step with your front foot.  Even if you do not swing (if it's not in the strike zone) it will ensure you have power just in case you change your mind.
  4. Swing through the ball.  Keep your eye on the ball as it approaches.  Take a step and quickly bring your hands down and through the ball.  You want your swing to be as level and as quick as possible.
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