How To Swing A Golf Club Like Tiger Woods

Learning how to swing a golf club like tiger woods is the easy part. Mastering swinging a golf club like Tiger Woods is another story entirely. Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best professional golfers ever to tee off. The way Tiger Woods swings his golf club is a huge part of his greatness. It's almost as if he channels all of his will and desire to strike the ball into the golf club he's wielding. Swinging a golf club half as good as Tiger Woods is going to take an immeasurable amount of discipline, an infinite amount of skill, and countless hours of practice. Here are some tips to start your journey in learning how to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods.

  1. Know his form. In order to swing the golf club like Tiger Woods, you have to be able to duplicate his form. He stands with his legs noticeably further than shoulder length apart. The hand from his guide arm (left) clasps the upper grip of the club. His power hand (right) clasps the grip right under his left hand. As a matter of fact, his hands meet on the grip. His right shoulder is dipped low and his right arm is fully extended. His left shoulder is slightly elevated and his left arm is at full extension gripping the club. His head is facing downward towards the ball.
  2. Know his swing. Tiger's form on his swing is a thing of beauty. If you really want to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods, duplicating his form is a must. He begins by pulling the club back and away from the ball. His left arm stays extended throughout his pullback motion. His right arm begins to pull inward as he raises the club to the sky. His left arm finally folds as the club swings up and over his head. It's kind of like he's charging up for a powerful punch. As he reaches the peak of his pull back, he twists his torso back to prepare for the release of power on that little ball sitting on the tee. His left leg turns slightly inward while the right leg stays completely still. 
  3. The strike and the follow through. As he swings the club towards the ball, he turns his right leg inward, twists his torso towards the ball, and turns his left leg outward. He doesn't swing to hit the ball Tiger Woods swings his golf clubs to go through the ball. He follows through and swings the club so hard and fast that it ends up and back behind his head at the end of the swing. He totally extends his arms during the swing, only allowing them to fold once the club has gotten back behind his head.
  4. Practice. The only way you're going to duplicate this man's form is to practice. Practicing his swing isn't enough. You need to practice his concentration as well. He doesn't allow any outside influences to enter his world while he's swinging. You need to create that bubble as well.
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