How To Swing A Softball Bat

Learning how to swing a softball bat is essential if you hope to ever generate any power, have bat control, and get on base. Playing softball, whether participating in a non competitive church league or competing in a highly competitive traveling league, can be frustrating if you struggle at the plate. Even if your only goal is to get out in the sun and run around, when you continually ground out to second or pop up to the catcher, the game can get the better of you. This is why learning a few tips on how to swing a softball bat will help improve your game and increase your fun. 

  1. Yes, it sounds cliché, but to properly swing a softball bat, you have to remember to keep your eye on the ball the entire time. You should actually be able to see the seams of the ball as it spins towards you at home plate. If you take your eye off of the ball, even for a second, you will not hit the ball squarely. 
  2. In order to swing a softball bat, when you take your batting stance, you want to be comfortable. Avoid going up to the plate with a rigid or locked stance. In the beginning, you will want your feet to be parallel to home plate. This will encourage a swing that will allow you to drive the ball to all fields. 
  3. Hitting the ball to a specific field, then just becomes a matter of shifting the position of your feet. For instance if you hope to drive the ball to left, you will shift your body slightly, with your lead foot pointing toward left. If you want to drive the ball to right, again, you will shift the position of your body, with your lead foot pointing toward right. 
  4. You will bend your knees slightly. Again this is really all about comfort. Bend your knees as little or as much as you feel is necessary to create power. Some people find that bending their knees more helps them generate more bat control. 
  5. Grasp the softball bat with both hands, aligning the knuckles on both of your hands with one another.  As you bring the softball bat back over your back shoulder, this is shoulder that is closest to the catcher, you will hold the bat between a 45 and 90 degree angle. Raise your front elbow as you take your stance, and focus on keeping your back elbow down, pinned against your side.
  6. As you get ready to swing a softball bat, your head will turn towards the pitcher, and you will look over your lead shoulder. Remember to remain focused. As the pitcher starts his motion, shift your weight onto your back foot. Shifting your weight is what generates power, not swinging the bat harder. 
  7. Watch the ball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand. When you begin your swing, start to step forward. This will transfer your weight forward, helping your drive the ball. 
  8. Keep your head down as you swing. You should actually see the ball hit the bat. Continue to drive the bat forward as you make a connection. Keep the bat level, swinging down or up will generate a ground ball or popup. 
  9. Run.  Do not look to see where you the ball. Just run towards first and get on base. 
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