How To Switch Dice In A Craps Game

Craps is a game that is played by rolling two dice, and sometimes it's important to know how to switch dice in a Craps game.  The reason you would want to know how to switch dice in a Craps game is because sometimes the dice might become damaged or may land off the table.  The casino can ask for the dice to be changed at any time and force the player to change the dice. A player must follow the proper procedure when requesting how to switch dice in a Craps game. The casino is not required to honor this request.

  1. Announce the request to switch the dice before the next roll. It's important to know when you learn how to switch dice in a Craps game that the request must be made before all wagers are placed.  Players are entitled to know if the dice are about to be replaced.
  2. Present the dice to the stickman.  The stickman is responsible for replacing the dice. The stickman will never touch the dice with his hands other than to replace them; instead, he passes the dice to the next roller with a stick with a hook on the end. As you learn how to switch dice in a Craps Game, realize that handing the dice to the stick man is not permitted. This is because he must retrieve them with the stick.
  3. The dice are inspected by the stickman.  The stickman will inspect the dice and determine if they should be replaced. There are certain times when the dice must be replaced. Learning how to switch dice in a Craps game requires knowing these situations. Two of them include if the dice land off the gambling table, or if they are damaged when rolling so they do not roll naturally.



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