How To Switch PS3 To AV Mode

If you hook up your PS3 and find yourself staring at a blank screen, the solution may be as easy as knowing how to switch PS3 to AV mode. All this requires is  knowing the trick to reset the video output to default settings. It could be pretty complicated to make such a switch manually, but fortunately your PS3 can now make the switch more or less automatically. To make the switch follow these steps:

  1. Shut it down. The first step in switching your PS3 to AV mode is just turning it off. Shutting off your PS3 should put it in standby mode (this is indicated by a red light on the front of the system).
  2. Hold on/off button. The next step in switching your PS3 to AV mode is  equally easy. Hold down the on/off button on the front of your machine  till it beeps twice. This can take anywhere between five and ten seconds (or a bit longer). When it beeps, release the button.
  3. Watch and wait. The PS3 should power back up and finish the switch to AV mode on its own. It does this by returning to default settings first  and then detecting the display output settings on your TV or monitor. Get the picture? Then start playing!

It can be highly irritating  to buy a new game playing system only to find that it doesn't work. It's a relief  to know that the solution, in the case of your PS3, may just a button push away. Knowing how to switch your PS3 to AV mode  can save you from returning your system or having to try more expensive repairs. Good luck!

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