How To Switch PS3 To HDMI Mode

If you've hooked up your PS3  and there's no image on the screen, the solution may be simply knowing how to switch PS3 to HDMI Mode. All you really need to do is reset the video output to default settings. While it can be somewhat complicated to make such a switch manually, your PS3 can now make the switch fairly automatically. To make the switch follow these steps:

  1. Turn it off. The first step in switching your PS3 to HDMI is shutting it off. Shutting off your PS3 should put it in standby (indicated by a red light on the front of the system.
  2. Push the Button. The next step in switching your PS3 to HDMI is just as simple. Hold down the on/off button on the front of your PS3 till it beeps twice. This usually takes between five and ten seconds. When it beeps, release the button.
  3. Wait. The PS3 will power back up and finish the switch to HDMI on its own. It does this by returning to default setting and then detecting the display output settings on your TV or monitor. Do you have an image now? Let the games begin!

It can be very frustrating to buy a new gaming system only to find that it doesn't work. It's nice to know that the solution in the case of your PS3 may literally be as simple as pushing a button. Knowing how to switch your PS3 to HDMI can save a lot of time, headaches, and expense. Happy gaming!

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