How To Switch To Third Person View In Doom 3

By learning how to switch to third person view in "Doom 3", you will have better peripheral vision, making spotting and killing enemies easier. "Doom 3" is the third installment by id Software of the landmark science fiction horror PC game franchise, "Doom", that is credited with popularizing the first-person shooter genre. In this installment, Mars is once again overrun with demons and other hellspawn. "Doom" also spawned a 2005 movie starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

  1. Load "Doom 3" on your PC and open up a single player campaign.
  2. After a cinematic sequence showing your spaceship landing in a Mars space base, you will enter first person mode. To change this, "Hold Ctrl + Alt + ~(Tilde)" to bring up the command console.
  3. Type "pm_thirdperson 1" to turn third person view on. This will allow you to play from third person view with your "HUD (Heads-Up Display)", crosshair, etc. While it will increase your peripheral vision, some people find it slightly more difficult to maintain accuracy.
  4. Type "pm_thirdperson 0" to turn third person view off. This will change the gameplay back to first person mode.
  5. Type "pm_thirdPersonAngle 'Value'" to change the angle from which your character is viewed in "Doom 3". Change 'Value' to a numerical degree. For example, 180 is a front view.
  6. Type "pm_thirdPersonHeight 'Value'" to change the height of how you are viewed in third person mode.
  7. Type "pm_thirdPersonRange 'Value'" to change the distance the camera is from you in third person mode. "0" is a face view, while "80" is the default setting.
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