How To Switch Verizon Phones

Knowing how to switch Verizon phones to a newer one or just different model requires a specific process you must go through, so that you don't lose your contacts or personal phone number. Each cell phone company has specific numbers and ways of doing things when setting up a new phone so that it works with their system and Verizon is no different. So follow these steps when you switch Verizon phones so you can be sure it is done correctly.

In order to switch Verizon phones, you will need:

  • Your old Verizon phone
  • Your new Verizon phone
  • A working phone number
  1. See if the phone can be activated from your online account. This depends on the model of phone you are trying to activate. Simply log into your online account and go to My Account then My phone then Activate Phone.
  2. If you can't activate the phone online, you will need to start this process another way. Call 1-800-922-0204 and tell the machine that you want to change your phone. Call from a different phone and have both your old phone and new phone in front of you, so you can make the switch. They will also both need to be turned off.
  3. Take out the battery of the old phone. Locate the ESN number or the Hex number and either enter it in online or be ready to give it to the customer service representative who you speak to on the phone. This is an integral part of how to switch Verizon phones.
  4. Turn on your new phone. Once it is fully booted up, dial *228. This will activate and program the Verizon phone. A voice prompt will come on and you should press "1" after you hear it. Next will be music and when they ask you to press "OK" do so. You will now have successfully switched Verizon phones.



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