How To Sync Ipod Without Losing Songs

If you are trying to sync your iPod, learn about  how to sync your iPod without losing your songs. During the synchronization process songs, your iPod can get lost because a two-way synchronization is taking place between your computer and your iPod. Specifically, when you sync your iPod with your computer, iTunes matches the songs in the iTunes library to the library on your iPod. If you deleted a song from the iTunes library, it will subsequently get deleted from your iPod during synchronization. Fortunately, you can sync your iPod and avoid losing songs if you manually update your music library. Manually syncing your iPod will allow you to chose which songs to add or delete.

In order to learn about how to sync your iPod without losing songs, you will need:

  • One USB cable (to connect your iPod and computer)
  • Fifteen minutes
  1. Connect your iPod to your computer. Find a USB port on your computer. Using your USB cable, plug the cable into the port and your iPod. Now you are ready to get started syncing your iPod without losing songs. (Note: If your computer does not automatically recognize your iPod as a "new device." you will probably need to download an update for iTunes).
  2. Open iTunes. As stated in step one, if you do not see your iPod, you will need to update iTunes. In order to update iTunes so you can sync your iPod, go to Store/Check for Updates. This option is found in the upper left menu. Wait for the iTunes update to complete and continue to step three.
  3. Sync iPod. Now you are ready to sync your iPod without losing songs. Select your iPod using the iPod icon in the left column of iTunes. You should now see a summary of your iPod. You will see an empty checkbox  box, "Manually Manage Music." Click the box. If the manually manage music box is selected, you will now be able to sync your iPod with your computer without losing any of your songs.
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