How To Sync A Second Wii Remote With Guitar Hero

Want to enjoy the Guitar Hero games with friends, but don’t know how to sync a second Wii remote with Guitar Hero? First, look at the game disc or the menu on the game. If the game is Guitar Hero: World Tour, then there is a possibility of up to four players: guitar, bass, drums and vocals. If the game is any one of the Guitar Hero games prior to the World Tour edition, then there is only a possibility of two players. Either way, learning how to sync a second Wii remote to Guitar Hero is the same.

To sync a second Wii remote with Guitar Hero, you will need:

  • A Wii console
  • The Guitar Hero game disc
  • Two guitar controllers compatible with the Wii’s Guitar Hero game
  • Drums and microphone (if playing Guitar Hero: World Tour)
  • Two or more Wii remotes
  1. Turn the Wii game console on. Make sure that the first Wii remote is synchronized to the console. Insert the Guitar Hero game disc, then select the game channel on the Wii menu.
  2. Connect the first Wii remote to one of the guitar controllers. Once (or while) the game screen loads, connect the second Wii remote to the second guitar (or drum set), or plug the microphone into the input on top of the console if using the vocals.
  3. On the Wii remote that is already synchronized to the system, press the home button (the one that looks like a blue house). Click "Wii Settings" on the “Home” menu.
  4. Click on "Remote Settings," then click on "Sync Wii Remotes." When prompted, press “1” and “2” on the first controller and then on the second controller. Repeat until the desired controllers are connected.
  5. Click “Go Back” until you're back on the game screen. Enjoy playing Guitar Hero with your friends!

The Wii remote is now synchronized to the Wii. Once the second Wii remote is synchronized, the remotes can be used on the Wii console until it is turned off. Enjoy playing Guitar Hero with the second Wii remote synchronized to the Wii!

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