How To Sync Wii Balance Board

To play a Wii Balance Board compatible game, it is necessary to know how to sync Wii Balance Board.  Synchronizing is the method used to begin communication between the Wii console and a Wii accessory.  In the case of the Wii Balance board, until the board is synchronized with a running game, the player’s movements will not be “seen” during the game.  Synchronizing the Wii Balance Board is a quick and easy process if you know the basic steps and a few tips to avoid common synchronization problems.

Items Required to Synchronize the Wii Balance Board

  • A working Wii Video Game Console and Wii Sensor Bar
  • A Wii Balance Board
  • Four (4) AA Batteries
  • A Synchronized Wii Remote Control, Fully Charged
  • A Wii Balance Board Compatible Game, Such as Wii Fit
  • Patience

Steps to Sync Wii Balance Board

  1. Begin by inserting four new batteries into the battery compartment on the bottom of the Wii Balance Board.  Be sure to follow the diagram correctly.  Note:  You may wish to replace the batteries even if the Balance Board has batteries installed or is brand new.  There is no way to know how long a new Wii Balance Board was stored, making it possible for a new Board to arrive with dead batteries!
  2. Place the balance board on a stable, flat surface directly in front of the TV, 3 to 10 feet from the Wii sensor bar.  Note:  The keys to this step are to make sure that the Balance Board is positioned so that the Power Button faces away from the TV; to check that the balance sensors, in the Board’s “feet”, are in direct contact with the floor; to install foot extensions over the sensors if the Board is used on carpet; and to check the sensors for any dirt or foreign materials as something as simple as cat hair can block the sensor reception and make a sync impossible.
  3. Begin the actual synchronization process by inserting a Balance Board game into the Wii Console. Note:  Look for the Wii Balance Board icon on a compatible game's packaging.  Remember, the Wii Balance Board must be "synced" with each compatible game individually.
  4. Start the game disc from the Wii Menu with the Remote Control.  Note:  The compatible game must be actively running in order for the board to sync.  The game will actually show when it’s time to synchronize the Wii Balance Board for the first time.
  5. Open the Wii SD Card Slot on the front of the console unit—and notice the red sync button which you will use in a moment.
  6. Lift up the Wii Balance Board and remove the battery cover door from the bottom of the board—and notice the red sync button.
  7. Press and release the red SYNC button on the Wii Balance Board. The blue power light on the board will start blinking. Note:  Once you press the sync button, return the Balance Board to the position from Step 1—making sure that the flashing power button faces away from the console.
  8. Press and release the red SYNC button on the Wii console while the power LED on the board is still blinking.  Note:  Be sure that the blue light on the board is still flashing when you press the console’s sync button!  If you allow too much time after pressing the board’s sync button, the synchronization will fail.  Also, it is important that you do not depress the console’s sync button for more than 10 seconds or you will deactivate any previous synchronization—such as the remotes and other accessories!
  9. Synchronization is complete once the Balance Board's blue power light stops blinking and remains lit. If the light continues to flash or the Balance Board powers off, the synchronization did not complete and you will need to repeat the steps.
  10. Synchronization does not always run smoothly and requires patience.  If you have followed the steps listed here, have considered all of the tips and tricks of each step and the Balance Board will not sync after a few tries, do not hesitate to contact Wii support—you may have a defective unit.
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