How To Sync Wii Remote

How to sync Wii remote is a fairly simple process.  While complications can be involved, you should have few problems syncing your Wii remote to your system.  You can use the following steps to sync more than one Wii remote, as well.

In order to sync a Wii remote, you will need:

  • Wii system
  • Wii remote(s)
  1. Turn on your Wii system.  Press the power button to turn on the device.
  2. Open up the appropriate covers on the Wii system and remote.  On the Wii system, open up the SD Card Slot on the front cover of the device.  Also, for the Wii remote you wish to sync, open up the battery cover.  Both of these will be used for the next step.
  3. Press the sync buttons appropriately.  On the Wii remote, just below the batteries, press and release the sync button.  The Player LED will blink.  Now, quickly press and release the sync button on the console, located on the inside of the SD Card area.
  4. Your Wii remote should be synced to the system.  The Player LED blinking should stop, completing the sync process.  It will display which number the remote is at, where one through four is possible.  You can repeat these steps to sync more Wii remotes.


  • Ensure that working batteries are in the Wii remote(s). 
  • If you have further problems, you would be well advised to contact Nintendo's customer support.  They can walk you through potential problems and solutions; in the worst case, you may need to exchange the remote for a working unit.