How To System Link Xbox 360

Once you know how to system link Xbox 360 consoles with other Xbox 360 consoles, then this can open up a whole new door for you. System linking allows multiple players to play the same game all through one console. This is beneficial if your want to compete against your friends or team up with them in a game. This is different than split screen gaming and creates a whole different video game experience. Here are a few steps that will help you to system link Xbox 360 consoles.

To system link Xbox 360 consoles, you will need:

  • television for each console
  • system link cable for each console
  • the same Xbox 360 game for each console that supports system link
  1. Connect the system link cable to the ethernet cable. Insert the game that you want to play into your Xbox 360. Turn off the consoles and connect your system link cable to the ethernet cable that is located on the back of the console. You can find the ethernet port below the AUX port on the back of each console.
  2. Connect each console to their own TV. Turn on each of the consoles and a menu should pop onto the screen stating that the game is ready for system link game play. In order for this to work each console should have a game that supports system link.
  3. Begin playing the game. Once your console is on, then you can begin playing your favorite game with all of your friends.

Learning how to system link Xbox 360 consoles can be extremely fun because it allows you to interact with other players instead of just playing by yourself.



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