How To: T Shirt Screen Printing

If your are wondering how to make a t shirt screen printing, you've come to the right place. It is not uncommon to see many different creative and unique T-shirt ideas, and many of those are original ideas that were screen printed. T-shirt screen printing a process that can be done in a professional shop or can be done at home. With the right tools and the right know how to: t-shirt screen printing can be done at home with great results. 

To make a screen printed t-shirt, you will need:

  • T-shirt
  • Design
  • Transparency paper
  • Wood pieces
  • Screen Material
  • Staples
  • Photo-Emulsion Kit
  • Light bulb
  • Water
  • Iron
  • Ink
  • Wiper
  1. Decide on the design. The T-shirt screen printing design can be just about anything you can think of. Once the design is chosen, a copy of the design needs to be made on the transparency paper. This can be done at any copy shop. 
  2. Create the screen. Assemble the wood pieces to make a square frame for screen printing. Lay the screen material on the frame. Staple a section of the screen material onto the wood. Continue stapling the screen material to the wood frame making sure to keep the screen very tight and not leaving any ripples. Be sure to make the screen as tight and as flat as possible.
  3. Transfer the design to the screen. This is done using the photo-emulsion kit. This is done by a process called burning. Spread the chemicals from the kit onto the screen. Lay the transparency paper with the design onto the screen. Use the light bulb to burn the image into the screen. The time this takes will vary on the detail of the design and the wattage of the bulb.
  4. Wash chemicals off of the screen. Using lukewarm water, gently wash off all of the chemicals on the screen. Hotter or colder water may damage the design and cause it to transfer improperly.
  5. Transfer the image. Place a t-shirt over a flat board. Smooth out the shirt and place the screen on the shirt making sure to place the design exactly where you want it to go. Once placed, begin scooping ink onto the screen. Use the wiper to move the ink around and get it to cover the entire design. Once all of the design is covered with ink, lift the screen. The image will have transferred to the shirt. 
  6. Let the shirt dry. Place the shirt on a hanger and allow it some time to dry. When the ink has dried, place a clean piece of paper on the design and iron the design for a few minutes. Be sure to use a low setting as to not burn the shirt. This will set the ink and the shirt will be complete.

The t-shirt screen printing process can be a little complicated but with the right tools and a little practice, it can be picked up in no time. Once it is learned, there is no limit to the designs that can be placed onto a t-shirt.

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