How To: T Shirt Transfer

If you want a T-shirt that is completely original, you should learn how to T-shirt transfer. By using a T-shirt transfer, you can take any image from your computer and place it on a T-shirt. This image can be a piece of digital art you created, a photograph or a combination of both. T-shirt transfers make great gifts for moms, friends or even for yourself.

To do a T-shirt transfer, you will need:

  • A computer
  • A printer
  • Computer paper
  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • A plain cotton T-shirt
  • An ironing board or table
  • A hot iron
  1. Design the T-shirt transfer. Use your computer's picture or graphics program to design the transfer. A picture can be made larger or have text added to it using a graphics programs. Make the design according to the size you want it on your shirt.
  2. Print out the design. Use a blank piece of computer paper for a trial run. The design will print out backwards; this is okay. If you are happy with your results on paper, print it out on the T-shirt transfer paper. If you are not happy, go back and fix your design. Always be sure to print it out on the computer paper first. This way you will not waste the expensive T-shirt transfer paper.
  3. Lay out the T-shirt. Place your T-shirt down on a ironing board or table. Place the T-shirt transfer onto the shirt. Be careful to center the design in the area you choose.
  4. Iron the design. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply the transfer. This will include holding the hot iron on the back of the transfer.
  5. Pull off the backing. Carefully pull the backing from the T-shirt transfer. The design is now attached to your T-shirt. Read the manufacturer's instructions for washing the transfers.

It will not take you very long to do the actual transfer. Once the design is done the transfer part is very quick and easy. You can do many T-shirt transfers in one day. When you wear your new T-shirt you can be certain that no one else will be wearing the same shirt as you. This shirt will be 100% original.


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