How to Tackle Hard in Football

Learning how to tackle hard in football is important for those on the defensive side of the football. Tackling hard will not only improve your overall tackling ability, but it will also have added benefits, such as increasing the chance of a fumble or providing a psychological edge to your game. Take the following into consideration to learn how to tackle hard in football.

  1. Watch your angle. To tackle hard in football, wherever possible, take a more direct angle to the ball carrier. However, never undermine your chance to tackle him by taking a bad angle. Play your angles intelligently, and take the direct angles when you can to execute the hard tackle in football.
  2. Tackle with your body. Some defensive players resort to tackling with their arms. Or, even worse, they expect to grab the player with their hands to make the tackle. Drive your body into the player to make a hard tackle. This will not only improve your ability to tackle hard, but also in being able to execute the tackle. Also, try to tackle low for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  3. Develop momentum. If the ball carrier is coming your way, you'll want to line yourself up and accelerate into the player with as much momentum as possible. Remember, the only way to tackle someone is to it hard and fast. Get low and use force! You will need some momentum to execute a hard tackle, and avoid being trucked by the ball carrier. You don't want to end up on someone else's highlight reel.
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