How to Tailgate

If you'll soon be heading out to a local sporting event, here's how to tailgate and have a great time. Tailgating is a term used to describe the party that takes place pre-game, usually in the parking lot of the sports arena, and often on the back of a pickup truck. Grab a grill, some burgers and hot dogs, and use these tips to learn how to tailgate.

Supplies needed for tailgating:

  • A cooler filled with your favorite beverage.
  • Lots of friends.
  • Portable grill and food.
  • Blankets and sweatshirts (for cold weather).
  • Battery operated fans (for hot weather).

How to tailgate:

  1. Invite a lot of friends. You can't learn how to tailgate without a lot of friends. Have a designated area predetermined before the day of the big event, and  have everyone meet up there several hours before the game. If several people have trucks, line them all up side by side and flip the tailgates down.  Now, everyone has a place to sit while they party.
  2. Stockpile beer. No one tailgates without beer. The more the better!  So be prepared to bring several coolers stockpiled with ice cold beer.  You'll also want to have a separate cooler stocked with non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers, children, and the designated driver
  3. Assign a designated driver.  The first step in learning how to tailgate is to be safe. There will be a lot of drinking at your tailgate party, so it is imperative to assign a few designated drivers before the partying begins. There should, obviously, be one designated driver for each vehicle, or there should be plans to leave a few vehicles behind for the night.
  4. Make eating easy. Grilling out is one of the key points of tailgating. But remember, everyone will be balancing their plates on their laps, so prepare food that is easy to eat. Also, be sure to bring throw-away eating utensils and plates for an easy clean up.
  5. Provide shade. Alcohol and heat aren't always a good mix. Thus, if you will be tailgating in the dead of summer, do what you can to provide shade. A canopy works well, and it can accommodate several people at a time. If you don't have a canopy, try to find a spot that is surrounded by trees.
  6. Make some noise! One of the most commonly overlooked things in learning how to tailgate is providing a little background noise. No party is fun when everyone is sitting in silence. So, put in a CD or crank up the radio. 

Once you've learned the basics on how to tailgate, you'll be able to come up with a lot of additional ideas of your own. Try setting a theme for each one of your tailgate parties, and you'll be sure to have more and more friends attend each time.

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