How To Tailor A Suit

Every "dapper Dan" knows how to tailor a suit. Suits are the third most formal attire men can wear, behind white tie (penguin suits) and black tie (tuxedos). When you tailor a suit you present the world with your best side. Therefore, it is mandatory every gentleman have his "Sunday best" tailored to fit with perfection.

To tailor your suit, here's what is required:

  • A suit
  • A good tailor


  1. Cuffs should cut off at the base of the thumb. Actually, many men prefer to have their suit cuffs showing a little shirt underneath. No more than 1 inch above the thumb's base should be left uncut.
  2. The pants should break lightly at your dress shoes. A good rule of thumb is, when standing, the back of your trousers should hover an inch above the floor, no more than two. Obviously, both high-waters and baggy pants are undesirable.
  3. Take the jacket in on the waist. Obviously a "V" figure is to be desired. When you trim the suit to fit snuggly around your waist you will showcase to the world that you have broad shoulders and an ever smaller belly.
  4. Do excess alterations. Less important side notes for tailoring your suit include shoulders (which should have been bought at the right size, anyway), the length of the jacket (covering your rump), and position of vents. Don't worry too much about these if your tailor doesn't mention them when measuring your suit.

Every "dapper Dan" can tailor a suit effectively, but even less can add their own flare. While it is important to know the general style guidelines for suits, it's even more pressing to get a sense of individuality and confidence. Yes, tailor a suit, but tailor it with yourself in mind.

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