How To Tailor A Vintage Men’s Suit

In order to know how to tailor a vintage men's suit, you need to be aware of vintage clothing. Some people may wonder why you would want to waste your time improving a suit that may be decades old. Vintage clothing is, in fact, more than just old clothing. A lot of times, vintage clothing is skillfully sewn with close attention to detail instead of being mass produced with cheap material. If you feel the need to enhance your style with a vintage suit, here are some ideas that will help you tailor your suit as best as possible.
  1. Do research on every material that the suit is comprised of. Many times, vintage suits are made of materials of a higher quality, and sometimes these materials are discontinued or rare. Be sure that the fabric hasn't been discontinued or even banned because of safety hazards. If there is no tag on the suit, research the fabrics that the company normally uses.
  2. Plan how you want the suit to fit. It is best to have a preset design plan before attempting to tailor a vintage men's suit. Precisely take your measurements. Some areas to measure are the legs, arms, and waist. Look at other suits for inspiration. Take note on if you want your suit to have a looser or tighter fit
  3. See a professional tailor. Vintage suits may be so delicate that you need a professional to handle them. If the material is too fragile, a tailor may advise you to avoid altering the suit. A professional may also give you more styling options for your suit. They may also help your suit to have increased longevity.
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