How To Tailwhip On BMX

You love bicycles and you feel ready to try some tricks and want to learn how to tailwhip on BMX. The difference between BMX bicycles and regular bicycles is that BMX stands for “Bicycle Moto-Cross” which is a bike modified especially to do stunts and for off road racing. BMX stunts is a serious sport for the fearless. These BMX bikes have a smaller frame and smaller wheels and are easier to maneuver over obstacles and to do stunts.

  1. Ready position. Before you pedal down a ramp or across a pavement you always start in the ready position: Buttocks off the seat, both hands locked on the grips of the handle bar and both feet parallel on the bike pedals.
  2. Take off. To taliwhip on BMX properly, you need to generate some speed first. Either pedal down a ramp or take off on pavement.
  3. The lift and push off. The trick here is to hold on to your handlebars and swing it toward the left or right so that the frame moves underneath you. How to tailwhip on BMX correctly means you can also kick off with the foot on one of the pedals to push the bike away from you.
  4. In air, lift legs high. As the bike is rotating below you, crunch your legs sideways up toward your torso. Not too high or you will lose control, so keep that in mind in how to tailwhip on BMX.
  5. Place one foot on pedal. As the bike swings back under you, stop the movement by pushing down one foot on the pedal. The other foot then follows on the other pedal and you’ve just landed back on both pedals while airborne. That’s how to tailwhip on BMX, yo!
  6. Land safely. Allow the bike to land straight down below you and be sure to keep your handlebars steady. Start to pedal the moment you land and you’ll be ready for that next tailwhip.

Stunts on BMX are fun to achieve. Remember safety first by always wearing protective gear such as a helmet. Once you’ve learned how to tailwhip on BMX, you can then learn to do double tailwhips while in midair. Practice makes perfect and this stunt is uber cool! 

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