How To Take Apart A Wii

There are many reasons that you may need to know how to take apart a Wii. From modding to general maintenance, opening up the Wii and fiddling around with it's insides can be a great skill to possess. However, some computer and electronic experience is recommended, as well as using common sense when you have it opened. There are many things that can go wrong when elbow deep in the guts of your Nintendo product, so be careful. Also know that this will void your warranty with Nintendo, so only use it as a last resort or if you don't particularly care about things like warranties.

In order to open up the Wii, you'll need:

  • Triwing screwdriver
  • Precision phillips head screw driver
  1. The Gamecube ports. On the Wii will be two white plastic ports that you will want to lift up and gently remove, these are the port covers of the Gamecube components within your Wii. It doesn't take too much force to remove them. Now you should see a black plate with three micro screws in it. Remove them with the Phillips head, and then gently pop out the black plate. You'll see more screws, two Phillips head and two triwings, remove them.
  2. The underside. Remove the feet and stickers that you encounter, there will be four triwing screws on the bottom of your Wii that need to be removed.
  3. The side battery. There is one red Philliips head screw that will need to be removed on the side of your Wii that has the battery in it. As soon as you remove the screw, gently lift the battery holder and the batter out and put it aside. Remove the rest of the screws you see, three Phillips head and two triwings. Make sure you are making notes as to what screws go back where. It can get a bit confusing.
  4. The faceplate. The front faceplate is held to the Wii with two thin wires. It is imperative that you be very careful when taking apart this part of your Wii, the wires are quite delicate and can be broken easily. Don't use pliars, just gently undo them from their plug and the front faceplate should come off.
  5. The top case. Now that all those screws are out and the faceplate is removed, the top of the case should pop right off! Your Wii is now disassembled. If you need to get to your DVD drive, there are four more Phillips head screws holding it into place that can be removed easily. To put it all back together, just follow this guide backwards.
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