How To Take A Blackberry Curve 8310 Screen Off

Need to know how to take a Blackberry Curve 8310 screen off? If you’re having problems with your Blackberry screen, most likely there is a problem inside the Blackberry Curve. Knowing how to safely take out the screen will help save you money. Follow the steps to carefully take off the screen. You can void your warranty if you damage your phone.

The items you will need:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • T6 torx screwdriver
  • Case opener 
  1. Before beginning, turn off your Blackberry Curve 8310 off. Flip the Blackberry unit over and remove the battery. Remove the SIM card as well. 
  2. Use a flat head screwdriver or your fingers to remove the bottom case of your Blackberry Curve. The bottom case is being held in place by four tabs. 
  3. While the Blackberry Curve unit is still over use a T6 torx screwdriver and remove two torx screws located at the top. Set the tiny screws aside so you won't lose them. 
  4. Use a case opener tool wedge all the sides of your Blackberry Curve 8310. There is a crease where the front and back cover will open. Work your way around the crease so that the front and back cover of your Blackberry Curve will begin to loosen up and release.   
  5. You will be able to remove the keypad using your fingers. Use the torx screwdriver to remove four torx screws located around the keypad. Once you've removed the keyboard assembly both side units will have to be taken off by using your fingers. 
  6. Remove the back case from the motherboard by using both hands to separate them. Lift the ribbon cable that is holding the LCD screen in place. The ribbon cable is located at the top left corner of your Blackberry Curve. 
  7. Use a flat head screwdriver and apply it underneath the LCD screen. The LCD screen is being held in place by tap, so apply some slight force. Now the screen to your Blackberry Curve 8310 is off you can decide to replace the screen if you so choose or clean it. 



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