How To Take Care Of Your Hunting Boots

New hunters need to learn how to take care of your hunting boots. Hunters spend a good amount of time walking in the woods, and a quality pair of hunting boots are essential especially the snake proof variety. Hunting boots can be quite expensive, so take care of them to make them last.

To take care off your hunting boots, you need:

  • small soft brush
  • water (from a hose)
  1. Rubber hunting boots are fairly easy to take care of. Wash off the outside with a water hose and set the boots outside to dry before storing.
  2. Snake bite proof boots are also pretty rugged. Use a small soft brush to get off any dried mud. If the boots are also water proof you can also use a water hose to clean off the outside of the boots. Make sure not to get water inside the boot. Let the boots dry before storing.
  3. Boots that have laces may need to have replacements occasionally. Walking through briars and other sharp objects can tear at the laces over time. Some of the taller boots may have laces that are longer than standard and you'll have to check with hunting outfitters to find them.
  4. Never let hunting boots stay wet inside for a long period of time. This can encourage various fungus and other nasty things to grow.

Always check boots before you put them on. Never stick your foot into a boot, especially one that is left outside, spiders an other things might be in there that can cause problems for your foot.



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