How To Take Off Creases On Sneakers

Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes to wear for an everyday look, but as a resut you may find yourself  needing to know how to take off creases on sneakers. Unfortunately wearing the same shoes everyday has its disadvantages. But stains and creases are easy to get rid of using shoe polish, or washing it away with a cloth and a little washing detergent. The problem with most sneakers is their tendency to crease. which is mostly visibly shown on leather material and light color shoes. Tohandle problem, you can find ways how to take off creases on sneakers.

  1. Stuff with paper. After wearing your sneakers, take paper  towels and stuff inside of the toe section. Use enough of the paper or towel to take off creases on sneakers and let it sit overnight. This will help minimize the appearance of creases on your shoes; it works well with any material, including suede sneakers.
  2. Use shoe polish. As mentioned in the introduction, all white shoes are prone to get creases, so use the paper/towel method in the first step, and then glide the creased area with white shoe polish to remove the wrinkly, worn look to it. Alternately, you can clean your entire shoes before fixing the creases so it looks a little new again.
  3. Use a decrease protector. The Original DeCreaseR is an adhesive strip designed by an avid sneaker collector. The purpose of the DeCreaseR is to prevent and/or remove creases in all type of sneakers. It comes in different sizes to suit any sneaker style, and provide comfort when wearing your favorite sneakers.
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