How To Take Dirty Pictures For Your Girl

Learn how to take dirty pictures for your girl and surprise her for Valentines Day.  Taking nude erotic pictures has been a popular hobby since the invention of the Polaroid camera.  This can also be a great way to spend a fun and sexy day indoors if you are looking to try something different.  If you want to take pictures of your girlfriend, here are some ways to help you get started.

Supplies you will need in order to take pictures of your girlfriend:

  • Digital camera (you can also use a Polaroid camera)
  • Off camera lighting (if you are not familiar with advance lighting, you can also experiment with natural light)
  • Backdrops (optional)
  1. Create an agreement with your girlfriend. One of the major factors that will determine the outcome of your nude photography factor is trust.  If she doesn’t trust you, she will not feel comfortable letting you take dirty pictures of her. The agreement doesn’t have to be a written contract, but your girlfriend needs some assurance from you that these pictures won’t end up in the wrong hands.
  2. Pick out your girlfriends wardrobe. Your girlfriend may not be fully comfortable with taking dirty pictures.  If she does not want to take fully nude photographs, help her pick out some sexy outfits and lingerie. These outfits should both be sexy and flattering, without making your girlfriend feel self-conscious.
  3. Find some creative poses.  One of the hardest parts for your girlfriend will be understanding how to best position her hands, body, and face.  This is especially true if she does not have any previous experience when it comes to posing for dirty pictures.  You can find sample poses from magazines or through the Internet. Find some poses which are dirty yet tasteful enough that your girlfriend will be comfortable.
  4. Create some test shots.  Take a few test pictures using a digital camera.  You will want to experiment with different angles and aperture settings (if you are using a digital SLR camera).  Try taking test pictures from both sides of her face, and try positioning the camera at different angles. The key is to try taking pictures from as many angles as possible.

You will notice that certain angles will look better because of lighting, and the shape of your girlfriends face.  Once you are comfortable with wardrobe, posing, and angles you will be ready to fully dive in and start taking dirty pictures of your girlfriend.

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