How To Take A Driver Off A BMX Bike

Learning how to take a driver off a BMX bike is extremely easy. As an owner of any bike, knowing the in's and out's of your pedal-driven recreational vehicle is crucial for your safety. On top of that, knowledge of how to fix the bike can guarantee you save a lot of money and keep the BMX bike out of the shop, making it unavailable to ride. Doing extreme flips followed by harsh landings is sure to knock a few bolts loose, so having the knowledge you need to do regular inspections can ultimately save your life. Checking the driver only takes a few short minutes, and removing it takes even less. Gather your tools, remove the driver and be back on the track quicker then you can land a one-eighty.

Things you will need:

  • Any type of clamping tool should work such as a crescent wrench, a socket set or mold grips.
  1. Getting Started – To get started, take the front wheel off of the BMX bike. Using a crescent wrench, remove the cone nuts on each side, or some axles just have a skinny nut on the side of the driver. On some BMX bikes, this is avoidable; however, if this is an obstacle, now you know how to overcome it.
  2. Removing the Driver – Once the tire and the nuts are removed, the driver should either slide out, be pulled out towards yourself, or be pulled off while spinning. The type of BMX bike, and how temperamental the driver is, will decide on which method will be most effective for you.

Now, you're ready to make the improvements needed and can get back to blowing up the BMX track. Always remember to wear a helmet, and practice safety precautions.

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