How To Take Off Electronic Fuel Injection

You want to know how to take off the electronic fuel injection that just went out in your car. The electronic fuel injection is one of the most important components of your car's engine. Its job is to provide the right amount of gas and air mixture to your engine. Fuel injectors operate through electrical current and pressure. With too much heat exposure overtime the electronic fuel injector can get damaged causing the productivity to decrease. This can lead to the injector eventually breaking or failing to perform. You can learn how to take off the electronic fuel injector by following the steps below.

To take off the electronic fuel injector you will need:

  • wrench set
  • ratchet and socket set
  • small flat-head screwdriver


  1. Disconnect the battery. Open the hood of our car. Disconnect the black negative cable connection on your battery terminal.
  2. Release the fuel pressure. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to push the inside of the system pressure valve. You can find the valve located on the fuel manifold.
  3. Disconnect the fuel hose. Access the fuel manifold rail and then disconnect the fuel hose from fuel manifold rail.
  4. Unplug the electrical connector. Access the electronic fuel injection and unplug its electrical connector.
  5. Remove the fuel manifold bolts. Use a wrench or ratchet and socket to remove the bolts that hold the fuel manifold rail in place.
  6. Remove the fuel injection. Gently shift the injector assembly from side to side and you lift the fuel rail and injector assembly. Be careful not to damage any of the injection fuel assembly components as you move the fuel injector out of the rail.
  7. Install the new electronic fuel injection. Twist the new fuel injection into place. Make sure that it is mounted carefully on the engine.
  8. Replace all of the bolts and components. Install the fuel manifold rail. Mount everything properly on the manifold and then install the bolts back into place. Plug in the electronic connector to the electronic fuel injection. Reconnect the fuel hose. Replace the black negative cable back onto the battery terminal. Close the hood.
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