How To Take Off Land Rover Alternator

Your alternator is going out and you need to know how to take off a Land Rover Alternator? Being able to change your own alternator can save you hundreds of dollars. Without an alternator working properly your battery will not be able to remain charged. Taking out an alternator for a Land Rover is not that difficult to do. With about an hour or so of your time you can take off the alternator for your Land Rover.

To take off your Land Rover alternator you need:

  • wrench set
  • ratchet and socket set


  1. Disconnect the battery. Disconnect the black negative terminal connection cable under the hood of your car
  2. Release the tensioner pulley. Locate the driver belt tensioner pulley. Slide the belt out from underneath the pulley and be very careful as you release the tensioner pulley. If the tensioner pulley on your Land Rover comes with pivot bolts loosen the bolts and release the belt tension with a wrench or ratchet and socket. Any additional bolts that you may see loosen them as needed.
  3. Remove the belt from the alternator pulley. While leaving the belt mounted on the engine, slide the drive belt directly off of the alternator pulley.
  4. Remove the alternator. Remove the two mounting bolts on your Land Rover alternator by using the necessary tools. Slide the alternator a little ways away from the engine and then unplug the electrical connector and wire hooked up to the alternator. Lift up and remove the alternator.
  5. Install the new alternator. Plug in the electrical connector and wire to the alternator. Set the Land rover alternator in place and insert and tighten the two mounting bolts.
  6. Slide the drive belt back over the alternator pulley. Adjust the tensioner pulley. Tighten any additional bolts that you removed. Connect the black negative battery cable
  7. Test out your new alternator. Take your Land Rover for a ride.



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