How to Take Levitra

Understanding how to take Levitra can be as important as knowing when to take the medication. Drug interactions, severe side effects, and potentially serious health complications can occur if Levitra is not taken properly. Considered a relatively safe medication, knowing how to take Levitra properly can increase the probablility of ensuring a happy experience.

  1. Never take more than the recommended amount of Levitra. The typical recommended dosage of Levitra is 10 mg taken for erectile dysfunction. However, men who suffer from liver disease, who are over the age of 65, or who are taking certain other medications may be prescribed as little as 2.5 mg of Levitra. Increasing the dosage strength of Levitra can be very serious and is never advised without the advice and consent of your health care professional.
  2. Take Levitra with water, and skip the grapefruit juice. Each dose of Levitra should be taken with a full glass of water. Avoid drinking grapefuit juice or eating grapefruit while taking Levitra, as certain chemicals in the fruit are known to negatively interact with Levitra. If grapefruit is an essential part of your diet, discuss with your physician how to take Levitra safely.
  3. Eat if you wish, but avoid high-fat meals. Levitra may be taken with or without meals, but some men prefer to take Levitra with meals to lessen the risk of suffering from an upset stomach. However, meals which contain a high fat content may interfere with the amount of Levitra that is absorbed by the body, decreasing the effectiveness of the medication. If stomach upset is a problem, consider taking Levitra with a light snack instead of a meal to get the most out of your medication.
  4. Discuss all medications you are taking before starting Levitra. When considering how to take Levitra, it is important to consider all other medications you are currently taking to avoid negative drug interactions. Certain antibiotics, antidepressants, hypertension medications, and drugs for treating irregular heart rhythms can interact with Levitra. Patients who use these medications may still be candidates for Levitra use, but dosing schedules may need to be adjusted.

Knowing how to take Levitra is essential to ensuring success with the medication. While Levitra is known to help a man achieve an erection, the medication alone will not produce an erection in the absence of sexual stimulation. Remember that erections lasting for more than four hours can be dangerous, and should this occur, patients are encouraged to seek emergency medical attention.


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