How To Take Links Out Of A Cerentino Watch

Want to know how to take the links out of of a Cerentino watch? There are several ways you may remove the links from your watch if they are removable; not all Cerentino watch bracelets have removable links. Two ways removing links may be possible is the links are held by pins or a capture slide arrangement. This article shall discuss both methods.  

Tools needed to remove links from the bracelet of a Cerentino watch.

  • Bracelet holder
  • Pin punches
  • Small hammer
  • Plastic pusher
  • Polishing cloth
  1. Determine link attachment. Examine the bracelet carefully and see how it fits together. If it uses pins, there is usually a small arrow on the back of the link which points in the direction the pin is removed. If not, you can see where one side of the holes in the link is smaller than the other to accommodate the pin. If it uses a capture slide or collar system, you will see a small collar or piece of metal which can slide out of some type of attachment hole or lock system.
  2. Select correct tools. If the watch uses pins, you will want the bracelet holder, pin pushers and hammer. If it uses a capture system, you will want the plastic pusher. The pusher can be various things, but a piece of plastic with small flat end works very well. Plastic works best so as not to slip and scratch the link.
  3. Position watch in bracelet holder. If the watch uses pins, position the bracelet in the bracelet holder with the arrows on the back pointing downwards or the smallest side of the hole pointing upwards. This is the correct way for the pin to come out.
  4. Remove the link. Use the correct tool to remove the link. If the watch uses pins, select the correct size pusher. You want a pusher which is the same size or smaller than the smallest end of the pin. Gently tap the pin out with the pusher and hammer until you can slip it out by hand. If it is using a capture system, use the pusher to gently push the slide or collar off the retaining device. Work slowly so as not to damage any thin or fragile part. Move to the second side of the link and perform the same procedure to remove the link from the second side of the bracelet.
  5. Store link. Put one side of the link back together. Put the pin in the hole and push it down slightly or put the retaining clasp back in position on one side of the link. You will need the second side's pin or clasp to put the bracelet back together. Now, take the link and store it in a safe place. You never know when you may need it in the future. Weight gain may make it needed or the swelling and contraction of skin in different seasons make them needed occasionally.
  6. Reattach the bracelet ends. If the bracelet uses pins, flip the bracelet in the bracelet holder so the arrows point upwards. This is the correct way to reinsert the pins. Line up the hole, slip the pin in and tap it gently down into position. If it uses a capture system, line up the link and replace the collar or retaining clip carefully but securely with the pusher.
  7. Polish off fingerprints. Use the polishing cloth and polish off the fingerprints and smudges you got on your watch.

You have successfully removed a link from your Cerentino watch. The process to add a link is similar–take one link apart and put a link in between the free ends of the bracelet. Enjoy your newly sized watch.

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