How To Take Out A Nose Piercing

A nose ring can be a beautiful accent to the face but there will always come a time when you need learn how to take out a nose ring.  Your nose ring may need to be removed due to needing to be cleaned, desire to change stud or possible because your work place does not allow piercings beyond ears. Regardless your need to remove your piercing there are safe and sanity methods for doing so.

To remove your nose piercing, you will need:

  • Alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • New Stud (optional)
  • Small Container
  • Lubricant  Jelly
  • Cotton Swab
  1. Sterilizing the tweezers to prevent infection. Soak the tweezers in alcohol to prevent spreading an infection in or around your nose piercing.
  2. If you have a piercing with a screw you will want to apply the lubricant jelly around the screw.  These types of piercings tend to get stuck because mucus builds up around them and they are hard to unscrew.  Apply the lubricant jelly to the cotton swab and then apply to the screw part of the nose ring.
  3. Using the tweezers on the inside part of the nose ring twist the outside part with your hand. Never use the tweezers to twist by doing this you risk scratching the inside of your nose causing bleeding and possible infection.
  4. Clean nose ring with alcohol. Always clean the nose ring before and after use.
  5. Place nose ring into small container for safe keeping. This helps keep the nose ring clean but also protects it from getting lost.

There are certain things you should be aware of before trying to remove your nose ring. For instance never try to remove your nose ring before it has had time to properly heal. When you got your nose pierced, the piercer should have given you set directions on how to care for your piercing. In case they did not, the average wait time before replacing your nose ring is eight to ten weeks.

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