How To Take In Pants

Learning how to take in pants that are a size or more too large can be done easily with just a few stitches. When taking in pants, you will first want to figure out how much fabric you will need to take in. The best location to take in a pair of pants is in the center back seam. When a pair of pants is taken in a maximum of two inches, the overall fit is usually not affected. Use this guide on how to take in pants for better fitting dress or casual pants or jeans.

To take in pants, you will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Fabric pencil
  1. Remove the Belt Loop. Begin by removing the belt loop located at the center back of the pants. Take out all the stitches that hold the belt loop with the seam ripper. Be sure not to ruin the belt loop or lose it as you will replace it later. Learning how to take in pants will take time so it may be best to present this activity as a project and work on a step each night.
  2. Pull Stitches from Waistband. Use your seam ripper once again to remove some of the stitches that hold the waistband. Two to three inches of fabric stitches around this area should be removed. Next, remove all the stitching, beginning from the center seam in the back of the pants down to the crotch of the pants.
  3. Draw a New Seam on the Inside. The next step of how to take in pants is to draw the new seam. Turn your pants inside out so the fabric pencil does not stain or leave visible marks on the pants. Start at the top and draw on each side with the fabric pencil until you meet the old seam. Use pins to hold the new seam together.
  4. Sew a New Seam on the Fabric Lines. Keep your pants inside out when you sew the new seam. Go along the fabric lines and pins and sew the lines to put the pants back together. Secure a knot at the ends of the thread and cut any excess with scissors. Try on the pants to see if they are a good fit. If they are still too large, you may need to take them in more.
  5. Reposition and Replace the Belt Loop. Once you have a great fitting pair of pants, you will need to replace the belt loop. Since the pants were taken in, the belt loop will be in a different position then what it was prior in. Sew the belt loop back into the center of the back of the pants. The loop should be between the middle two belt loops.

Learning how to take in pants can take time and practice. Whether you’ve lost weight or bought the wrong size, there’s no need to ditch a pair of pants that are a size or more too large. By using this guide on how to take in pants, you will have resulted in a pair of great fitting casual or dress pants or jeans.

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