How To Take Pictures Of Christmas Lights With A Digital Camera

Want to learn how to take pictures of Christmas lights with a digital camera? Taking photos with a digital camera is pretty easy, especially with todays cameras, and all of the neat spiffy features and scene selections that come built into most new digital cameras. However even with the appropriate scene selections, taking photos of Christmas lights can be rather difficult. Below you will find tips that will teach you how to take pictures of Christmas lights with a digital camera.

  1. Turn off all lights. The first mistake most make when attempting to get a good photograph, especially at indoor Christmas lights on a Christmas tree, is that they will leave the lights on. You cannot possibly get a really stunning photograph of lights if you have lights on.
  2. Turn your digital cameras flash off. Having the flash on when attempting to take photographs of Christmas lights will only drown out the lights brilliant shine and colors. Set your flash to off, while taking photos in order to capture the Christmas lights in their true form.
  3. Try using a tripod. In order to get really stunning photos of Christmas lights without the odd squiggly lines, you want to to make sure you're keeping your hand completely steady. Staying perfectly still is very difficult, but with a tripod, you will be able to get shots without any movements to the camera, making taking pictures of Christmas lights all the more flawless.
  4. Adjust your digital cameras scene selection to Night Scene, or Lights. Most digital cameras have setting made just for Christmas light photographs, or other photographs containing lights. Find the appropriate scene selection, and chose it while attempting to take photographs of Christmas lights.
  5. Try using other scene selections as well. Although your camera may have come with a built in light mode or night scene mode, playing around with other scene settings can result in some really stunning photos. Try them all.
  6. Keep at it! You are not going to take a perfect  photograph of Christmas lights the very first time, it can take quite a long time, and quite a few shots before you get even a handful of photographs worthy of keeping. The key to capturing that perfect shot is to take a few photos, and select the ones worthy of keeping.
  7. Use a high speed setting on your camera. This is when you are capable of taking multiple shots in a matter of seconds. Using these settings on your camera are especially helpful, especially when attempting to get a photograph of blinking Christmas lights.
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