How To Take Shields Off Skateboard Bearings

Wonder how to take shields off skateboard bearings? Bearing shields are inexpensive devices and are a snap to remove or replace on a skateboard. Bearing shields are a great way to protect your bearings. They keep your bearing clean and the bearing sleeves provide a buffer. Replacing or installing bearing shields is a great maintenance procedure for any boarder to learn. Most are made of plastic or other inexpensive products but the bearing shield is still very durable. Below are the steps to replace or insert bearing shields on a skateboard.

This procedure is similar to many other maintenance activities related to the mechanics of replacement or installation for skateboard wheels, bearing and trucks. Follow the below instructions for a quick and proper replacement or installation of skateboard bearing shields.

Things you will need:

  • Skateboard bearings
  • Bearing shields
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Flat tip screwdriver
  1. Place the four or eight bearings you want to remove the shields from on a flat surface. Pick up the first bearing and examine the sleeve. You are looking for unusual wear or areas that look cracked. The purpose here is to check the fit of your bearing in the wheel. Any unusual wear are signs of trouble.
  2. Using either the needle nose pliers or flat tip screwdriver, remove the bearing sleeves. If using the needle nose pliers, look for the lip of the shield. If there is no lip for you to pinch with the pliers, use the flat tip screwdriver. Place the tip of the blade just under the shield and twist in one directions. In either case, the bearing shield should pop off.



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