How to Take a Slap Shot

Learning how to take a slap shot will allow you to perform one of the two basic shots in hockey, along with the wrist shot.  The slap shot can be an extremely effective shot, one that is full of power and accuracy.  With some practice you can develop a high level of power and accuracy in your slap shot.

  1. Aim.  It sounds simple, yet this is very important.  From the beginning you need to be aware of what you are trying to hit, as then you will be able to adjust accordingly.  After all, if you don't know what you're aiming at it will be very difficult to work on accuracy.
  2. Wind up to take a slap shot.  Winding up allows you to develop a great deal of power when you take a slap shot.  Bring your stick back nearly parallel to the ice, so that you are ready to explode into the second motion of the slap shot.  Later work on making this as quick as possible.
  3. Bring the stick forward in a fluid motion.  The motion should be very fluid.  Work on making optimal contact with the puck based on the height of your shot.  This will take time, but developing the ability to go high or low is just as important as the horizontal directions.
  4. Follow through quickly and powerfully.  When you bring the stick forward to make contact, power and speed are both optimized in an effective slap shot.  Follow through, making sure to work on the speed and the release of power of the slap shot.
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