How To Take Vintage Fashion Photos

Need to know how to take vintage fashion photos? Take vintage fashion photos that make the clothes look like they belong to that era. Vintage fashion can belong to any time period that is at least 20 or 25 years old. To take vintage fashion photos, it's important to match the models look, the scenery, and the fashion to create a realistic fashion shoot that looks like it's authentic and timeless.

To take vintage fashion photos, you will need:

  • Vintage clothes
  • Models
  • Vintage shoes and accessories
  • Props
  • Camera and lighting
  1. Find vintage clothes. For a vintage fashion shoot, you need to have authentic vintage clothes. Find separates that go together and suits that belong to the era you're aiming for.
  2. Select appropriate vintage shoes and accessories. For a vintage men's suit, make sure to locate vintage neckties and shoes. A hat from the era will help complete the outfit to make taking vintage fashion photos that look like the real deal. Add vintage purses to women's ensembles.
  3. Choose models who have classic good looks. For a model to be convincing, they must have a certain look that is timeless and can represent the time period of the vintage clothes.
  4. Groom the models for the time. Style women's and men's hair in styles from when the vintage clothes were new and in vogue.  Search for photos of the era or watch some films that represent the era you are styling for.  Use makeup to enhance your models' looks for the photoshoot.
  5. Use the right setting. For a vintage fashion photo shoot from the 1950s, find furniture from the era or choose a tree-lined street with picket fences or cars from the time. This will lend an authenticity to the photographs that give the clothes a thumbs up. Use the right props to make the right pictures.
  6. Plan for good light or provide it. If shooting outside, plan on taking the photos when it's sunny. If this doesn't work out, move indoors and use correct lighting for professional quality results.
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